CNC Centra Obróbkowe Stromab CT 800 Używane Rumunia

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Typ kategorii CNC Centra obróbkowe
Kategoria CNC Centra obróbkowe
Marka Stromab
Model CT 800
Numer seryjny 5821/2015


Stan urządzenia Używane
Data produkcji 2015
Ilość 1
The CT 800 Circular is a numerically controlled single-blade circular designed to meet your needs
your in wood cutting.
• The CT 800 Circular is a simple, productive and precise machine. It can be used both as main machine
in your factory as well as as a secondary one, come to the aid of a multi-blade circular.
• Friendly, intuitive interface.
• Windows computer operating system, easily controlled using the touch screen.
• Thanks to the two motorized tables fixed in the sides of the circular movement of the wood
to the circular blade and the evacuation is done efficiently and effortlessly.
• All axes: angles, inclination and length limiter are automatically controlled numerically.
• Possibility to make up to three cuts at each end of the wooden element
to be cut.
• Possibility of storing up to 190 elements with 3 cuts at both ends of each
• The wood supply is made from the left side and the movement is controlled by the operator with
using a control pedal.
• Possibility to connect several wooden elements to perform a single operation
• Very high degree of protection for the operator.
• Easy and fast installation.
• It can be easily integrated in any production unit and any type of organization.
Circular cutting and splitting with tilting blade is a machine for making straight cuts and
at an angle necessary for joints from trusses and farms, joints for "framing" type houses, etc.
The machine allows quick angle adjustment of the blade (90 -30 degrees), as well as the rotation of the whole
cutting assembly (0-270 degrees). Two vertical pistons will fix the wood material on the table
thing, for a safe and precise cut. A laser beam is provided to guide the blade. This
draw a red line on the material before starting the actual cutting operation.
Technical details :
25 hp engine
blade diameter 800 mm.
5 axes controlled by the programmer:
- Rotation of the work table (0 ° -340 °) (Rotation speed of the work table 9 sec. Every 180 °)
- Blade tilt 90 ° to 45 ° (Blade tilt speed 20 sec. 90 ° to 45 °)
- Lifting the blade (speed 15 sec. Every 10 cm.)
- Beam drive and measurement (speed at 17 mt / min)
- Motorized movement of the table in relation to the rear guide. (total table displacement 600 mm.)
Beam start reading sensor
Cutting accuracy:
+/- 2 mm. on a 10 m beam (straight beam)
+/- 0.2 ° on the angle of rotation of the work table
+/- 0.2 ° on the angle of inclination of the blade
Management and control system:
PC with industrial touch screen
Windows working system and reading ".XLS" files
USB-Ethernet port
Cutting capacity:
At 90 ° with a single cut: mm.280x290 / 250x390 / 200x450
90 ° with cuts in sequence mm.280x770 / 250x840
At 45 ° with a single cut: mm.200x210
At 45 ° with cuts in order: mm.200x760
Roller table at the entrance and exit.
CAD-CAM software „Stromab Easy-Wood (post-processor) for import from design software,

Purchased in October 2015 again
I have all the documentation, the original book, etc.
The machine did not work for more than 80 hours.

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