Merbau, FSC, Pokrycie Antypoślizgowe (2 Strony)

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Typ drewna Drewno lite
Rodzaj litego drewna Drewno Azjatyckie
Gatunek/Materiał Merbau
Najważniejsza cecha FSC
Pochodzenie Czechy
Region Prague
Typ Pokrycie Antypoślizgowe (2 Strony)


Ilość 1 - 5000 m2 (sqm) na miesiąc
Szerokość 145 mm
Długość 1800-4500 mm
Grubość 25 mm
Jakość Standard and better
Certyfikacja FSC
Opis We deliver decking from Merbau wood kiln-dried with moisture content approximately 16%. The core wood is brown-grey to dark red-brown with various shades. The colour differences between individual boards are natural and common. The core wood which does not always lose its lighter white shades shows high resistance to mould and insect. Growth rings are not noticeable, dry wood is odour-free. Wood exposed to the external environment can show minor cracks and splits at the board ends due to the variation of relative air moisture. The wood contains a high level of resin indicated in the occurrence of gold-yellow veining. The wood is very hard and has long durability due to high density and contained substances. These oily contained substances can be washed out with rain during the first phase of exposure to weather conditions. Due to the above reason, the wood must be placed on decking or balconies in such way water flowing from wood is drained by means of eaves and rain gutters. Decking surface should be treated with oil approximately 2 months after it is placed, and a natural reduction of oil substances from the wood surface occurs. Without the treatment, the wood remains undamaged, and grey-silver pattern occurs on the wood surface. Decking oil OSMO COLOR colour-free or bangkirai oil helps the wood visual value for a long time. A correct function of the decking requires compliance with basic rules for laying wooden decking and the creation of sufficiently stable construction. The base construction requires the use of wood with the same or similar density as the surface wood in order to enable equal expansion and shrinking. For correct maintenance and cleaning refer to the maintenance instructions for decking boards.

Use :

Merbau wood has high solidity values. Additionally to the decking wood, it is used in exterior for water constructions and in the interior as construction wood for creating valuable solid flooring and furniture.

Cena i Warunki

Cena 44,31 EUR per m2 (sqm)
Incoterm EXW - z zakładu Kraj Czechy Region Prague
Ostateczny termin dostawy Dostępne na zamówienie w terminie poniżej 30 dni
Sprzedaje Cały świat


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