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Data produkcji 2020
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Opis Cold press, also known as pre-press machine, is mainly suitable for decorative panels, plywood, block board, etc. This carefully designed and manufactured wood processing equipment has the overall structural design in line with the integration al advanced technology. To achieve constant pressure, the two molding process, with the pressure delay function, adjustable delay time. Working pressure, stroke can be adjusted within the specified range. Cold press optional accessories are as follows:
● Move the workbench
● Stamping buffer device
● Floating rails and rolling brackets for mold change
● Travel, pressure, speed digital display, numerical control device
● Slider safety bolt
We can customize according to customer requirements of various types of presses, including a variety of pressure (100T ~ 800T)

1. Our high quality cold pressing machines is configured with high-precision hydraulic press system and circuits, as well as a stable mobile beam;
2. Hydraulic cylinders are made using super-hard materials; Hardness of plunger exceeds HRC55;
3. Ring seal features no leakage, long service life and low maintenance cost;
4. Feeding mechanism uses chain drive and causes no damage to the plates, especially the decorative plate;
5. Specifications and dimensions can be customized according to customer special requirements
6. 4-layers cold press is available.

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