Meksyk, Choina Zachodnia

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Kraj Meksyk
Region Sue este
Miejsce Sur de Mexuco


Całkowita przybliżona ilość (kłody) 20000 m3
Cefikacja (zasoby leśne) FSC (Forest Stewardship Council)
Pierwszy typ gatunku Północnoamerykańskie drewno iglaste
I gatunek Choina zachodnia (Tsuga heterophylla)
I szy gatunek, przybliżona ilość 20000 m3
I, liczba pni: Varias
Opis VARIOUS OFFERS The infrastructure and technology of our company allows us to meet the different types of formats and requirements requested. We have more than 20 species of hard and soft tropical wood, our own high-level and qualified sawmills and technicians, we have enough areas with different species, which we offer below, both in logs for sawing or sawing, brushed with the required humidity . woodry brushed and cooked; tabletsdenking, lamparket, parquet boards with excellent finish Some of the species are as follows: 1) Boxwood (Cordio Olliodora) 2) Teak (tectona grandis) 3) Ciricote (Cordia dodecandra) 4) Granadillo (platymiscium yucatanum) 5) Balm (myroxylon balsamum) 6) American red oak (Quercus rubra) 7) Cypress (Cupressus lusitanica) 8) Green Guayacan (Guaiacum offiniale) 9) Barcino (cordia elaeagnoides) 10) Marimbo (Platymiscium dimorphandruma) 11) Parota (Enterolubium Cyclocarpum) 12) Red cedar (Cedrela Odorata) 13) Tzalam (Bahamas lysyloma) 14) Mahogany (Swietenia macrophylla) 15) Gmelina (Gmelina arborea) 16) Guayacán (Porlieria chilensis Johnst) 17) Fir (Abies bracteata) 18) American white oak 19) Maximinoi Pine 20) Tenuifolia pine 21) and other pines 22) Common walnut (Juglans regia.) We have large amounts of logs available for sawing from 1) Cypress, 2) Pine and 3) Gmelina, among other species CIF ASIA AND EUROPE. 1) CIF 400 USD 2) CIF 1400 USD 3) CIF. 350 US A. Iglesias. Angela Montalba USA MEXICO Commercial and production managers Website: ***** email: ***** We have: .- CEDRO (CedrellaOdorata), WITH SPECIFIC WEIGHT OF: 440 Kg / M3. PRICE IN CONDITION OF FOB BOARD, PUERTO MANZANILLO. $ 774.00 USD / M3. 2.- TZALAM (LysilomaBahamensis) WITH SPECIFIC WEIGHT OF: 660 Kg / M3. and THIS WOOD IS KNOWN AS MEXICAN WALNUT. PRICE IN CONDITION OF FOB BOARD, PUERTO MANZANILLO. $ 830.00 USD / M3. 3.- MACULIS = MAKULIS (Tabebuia Rosea) WITH SPECIFIC WEIGHT OF: 480/530 Kg / M3. THIS WOOD HAS CHARACTERISTICS TO THE TECA. PRICE IN CONDITION OF FOB BOARD, PUERTO MANZANILLO. $ 621.00 USD / M3. VALIDITY OF THE CURRENT OFFER. 30 DAYS. 4.- CYPRESS (CupressusLinlevi) WITH SPECIFIC WEIGHT OF: 500 Kg / M3. UNLOCK A SIMILAR ODOR TO THE CEDRO. PRICE IN CONDITION OF FOB EMBAQUE, PUERTO MANZANILLO. $ 385.00 USD / M3. VALIDITY OF THE CURRENT OFFER. 30 DAYS - Translated with google

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