Piła Tarczowa (Piła Z Optymalizacją) KUANG YUNG CFS-200B Nowe Tajwan

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Typ kategorii Pilarki do wtórnego przerobu drewna litego, płyt drewnopochodnych i tworzyw sztucznych
Kategoria Piła Tarczowa (Piła Z Optymalizacją)
Model CFS-200B


Stan urządzenia Nowe
Data produkcji 2017
Ilość 1
Opis CNC Cut-Off Saw (CFS-200B)

High Efficiency, Labor Savings, and Maximum Utilization of Material

General Features:
- The cut-off saw employs a high speed computer control system that supplies accurate reports, allowing you to control your costs with ease.
- High-speed feed rate of up to 200m/minute.
- Maximum cut cycle of 180 cuts per minute.

1. The CFS-200B is a computerized cut-off saw that produces maximum material utilization through computer program operation (calculation).
2. User-friendly program features icons that make it easy to operate each function.
3. Stores in memory different work sheets pertaining to different customers and various kinds of wood. Easy to do additions and revisions.
4. The computer calculates the percentage of effective wood, consumptive wood and waste, and sums up the cubic feet of wood. All data displays on the screen.
5. Program runs in Microsoft Windows.
6. The optional sorting system effectively sorts out the wood lengths.
7. The sorting system can be configured with the number of pushers to meet your needs. Also, various lengths of outfeed mechanism are available for order.
8. Employs a Mitsubishi servo motor which features compact construction, high-speed response capability, high torque and comprehensive protection features.
9. The tilted conveyor ensures workpieces feed in straight and against the fence, preventing the workpiece from entering skewed.
10. An operator can mark wood defects with a special crayon, so the saw will automatically cut out wood defects.

Specifications (Model: CFS-200B)

Saw motor: 7.5kW (10HP)
Feed motor: 7 kW (in total)
Powered bottom rollers: 7
Top pressure rollers: 7
Feed speed: variable up to 200m/min.
Saw blade diameter: Ø55mm (18") ~ 505mm (20")
Working height: 900mm
Dust outlet diameter: 150mm x 2, 100mm x 1
Max. timber infeed: 6500mm
Min. timber infeed: 500mm
Cross section cutting: See cutting diagram
Cutting accuracy: ±0.5~1.5mm
(Depending on timber plane, resin and bend of the board)

CE Model

Available Options:
Added Pressure Roller for Infeed
Thin Material Device
Crayon for Wood Marking

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