Rumunia, Buk

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Kraj Rumunia
Region Bistrita Nasaud


Całkowita przybliżona ilość (kłody) 2541.0 - 2541.0 m3
Cefikacja (zasoby leśne) Bez certyfikatu na chwilę obecną
Pierwszy typ gatunku Europejskie drewno liściaste
I gatunek Buk
I szy gatunek, przybliżona ilość 2105.0 - 2105.0 m3
I, liczba pni: 2200.0 - null
Drugi typ gatunku Europejskie Drewno Iglaste
II gatunek Świerk (Picea abies) - Whitewood
II gatunek, szacunkowa ilość (kłody) 431.0 - 431.0 m3
  • Plik specyfikacji1
  • Plik specyfikacji2
  • Opis Forest Department Somes-Tibles CF: 15334904 NO: 412 of 13/02/2014 ~ TENDER NOTICE (negotiable) ~ Forest Department Somes-Nasaud Tibles based in the city, str. Border Guards, No. 14, first floor, jud. Bistrita-Nasaud Telephone and fax: 0263/360001, the bidding (negotiation) open outcry of standing timber and timber of seizures, production of 2014, on 25,02,2014, at 12.00, at the headquarters of the district . Documents for selection will be made by companies interested in the district headquarters, until 20,02,2014, at 16.00 and will include the following documents: a) Application for registration of participation in the auction and the selection, nomination Lots falling to the corresponding auction. Businesses will not be able to register to bid for a quantity of timber larger than the exploited remained under operating certificate for the current year. b) Identification of the entity: name, office, address, phone, fax, email, etc. c) number of the application to participate in the trader's mail registry. d) the name of the driver clearly entity, signature and stamp. e) documents the legal existence of the company. f) statement on logging operations, only the operating companies. g) Technical criminal record logging operations, only the operating companies. h) tax certificate issued by the Financial Administration, showing that no debts to the state budget. i) Statement of payment of any debts by the forestry Somes-Tibles. j) economic agents performing industrialization of wood but are not certified and activity logging will make an agreement in principle with an operator certified logging activity, showing the volume of timber approved for operation and after adjudication of standing timber will end logging operations contract awarded at auction. k) The certificate of financial reliability for both wood processing companies and for the operation. Economic preselection will be held at the district headquarters on 21,02,2014, starting at 10.00. List Lots for standing timber auctioned can be found at the district headquarters and on the Internet at and specifications can be viewed up fee from the district headquarters. It will bid gross volume of 2541 cubic meters standing timber, of which 431 m resinous, beech mc 2105, along with the confiscation 115.19 cubic timber and will negotiate a gross volume of 277 cubic meters standing timber in the 226 cm and 51 cm beech resinous, plus the wood remaining nelicitata and can be negotiated at the end of the auction session, when negotiating session will be held. Operators that during 2013 and 2014 were not awarded by tender (negotiation) standing timber across the Forest Somes-Tibles and awarded the occasion of this call, in order to prove that they have the financial means of paying by detours are required to pay in full by the date fixed for signing contracts for the supply of wood on foot. Otherwise, the tender for the match / Lots question will be canceled and removed them in a new auction at a later date. Yours sincerely. Head Detour, Ing. Muresan Michael - Translated with google

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