Zestaw – Montaż Samodzielny, 1.0 - 2.0 kontenery 20’

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Typ bifold fittings
Nazwa produktu magic arm
Pochodzenie Indie
Region maharastra
Styl Zestaw – montaż samodzielny
Typ podstawowego materiału Inne materiały
Podstawowy materiał Sklejka


Ilość 1.0 - 2.0 Kontenery 20’ na miesiąc Konwertować
Wymiary Magic Arm is an excellent fitting for sliding-foldingshutters for wide applications in small & large storage, andkitchen manufacturing units. An excellent hardware forflat-packed furniture. Compared to the usually difficult to install expensive tracksystem, this fitting is user-friendly,maintenance free, andobserves smooth operation Auto-closing hinges as well asbutt hinges can be used. However, this fitting has norelation with the weight of the shutters; it is only aguiding arm. Most economical fitting, for all furniture's inoffice, residence and kitchens pictures, PRODUCT PICTURE ATTACHED prices, $10 PER/SET [kindly let us know the quantity] package size : 25" * 2.5" * 1.5" and gross weight.: 0.210 GRAMS Kindly visit us at www.hanfas.com
Zakończ PVC
Kolor Biały
"Good day"

We take pleasure in introducing ourselves as manufacturer of high quality Furniture fittings, Tools & Jigs for the woodworking industry, and our products are very well known by the brand HANFAS. We are looking forward to market our products worldwide in different territories.
If you find interest in any of our products, please send us a mail and we will be glad to furnish you with further details of the same. We shall appreciate if you could update us with your company profile, so that we can keep you posted on the new developments for your requirements

Solutions To Propel Your Interiors Into The Next Generation

For over a decade, Hanfas products have been adding value and enhancing efficiency in the woodworking industry. Initially launched as a family business, Hanfas has grown into a professionally managed company with several patents to its credit. Our extensive range of innovative products deliver accuracy, efficiency and enormous cost-benefits across all cabinetry and modular furniture applications.

Acknowledging the ever evolving needs of our customers, we have an ongoing R&D process with new products constantly being added to the range. Innovation and simplification of design features have resulted in substantial time and cost savings for our customers. Our products are designed along international norms and standards with the user friendly System 32 Design incorporated in most of our products.

Our integrated manufacturing setup with its dedicated team, functions under strict inspection norms at every step in the production and assembly cycle.

In a new world with fast disappearing boundaries, our vision is to produce goods that set global benchmarks and are keenly sought after for their inherent benefits - simplicity, aesthetics and their ability to drastically reduce time and effort. Not forgetting, of course, the immense price advantage that comes with every Hanfas product.

"Hanfas" range of furniture fittings

Sliding Door Fittings
• Bottom Roller & Guide
• PVC ‘U’ Profile
• Handle

Cabinate Fittings
• Auto Drop
• Magic Arm

Tobosi Fittings
• Tru-Fit
• Perma Fit
• Slip & Lock
• Push Fit

Work Station Partitions Fittings
• Tile Fittings (Wooden Frame)
• Tile Fittings (Metal Frame)
• Trim Fittings (Wooden)

Legs for Cabinet & Tables etc.
• Knock-Fit Plinth Leveler (KFPL)
• Skirting Clip for KFPL (Wooden Skirting)
• Alu-Lite
• Revolutionary Aluminium Skirting
• Skirting Clip For Allu Skirting
• 3 in 1 Corner
• Height Adjuster Clip
• Dual Runner Skirting Clip
• Sheet Metal Carcase Leveler
• Plinth Adjustment Leg (PAL)
• Skirting Clip (PAL)
• Panel Shoe
• Square Buffer
• Square Buffer (Small)

Kitchen Accessories
• Over-Head Cabinet Bracket
• 3 'D' Cabinet Bracket
• Ribbed Insert
• Basket Holder
• Glass Clip
• Shelf Support
Other Accessories
• Wire Manager
• Telescopic Door Silencer
• Leveller Bolts

"Hanfas" DIY Tools & Jigs for wood working industry
• 3D Rapid Jig
• Glu Man
• Drawer Slide Jig
• Trimmer
• 3 D 'C' Clamp

Waiting for your reply.

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