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  • października 19, 2020 12:28

Swiss pellet price on the rise in October

Pellet prices in Switzerland are on average slightly up in October. On average they reach a value of 351.9 CHF / t (+ 0.3%). After an increase of 0.1% to 350.8 CHF / t in September, things are looking better...... [więcej...]

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  • października 19, 2020 12:05

Pellet prices in Germany rise slightly in October

The price for wood pellets in Germany rose slightly in October. According to the German Energy Wood and Pellet Association (DEPV), a ton costs € 227.36 for a purchase of 6 tons...... [więcej...]

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  • września 25, 2020 15:50

Andritz to equip new Metsä Fiber mill with autonomous lumber yard cranes

ANDRITZ and Metsä Fiber have signed a preliminary contract for the delivery of two autonomous logyard cranes for Metsä Fiber's planned bioproduct mill in Kemi, Finland. With the use of artificial intelligence, the international technology group wants to break new ground and... [więcej...]

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  • września 24, 2020 16:57

Vattenfall and Modvion: wooden towers for onshore wind turbines

Vattenfall and Modvion have started a collaboration for using wooden towers for onshore wind turbines to reduce carbon dioxide emissions in manufacturing by at least 25%. They have signed a letter of intent to enter into a business development project for evaluating building... [więcej...]

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  • września 23, 2020 16:59

Austria's pellet consumption exceeds 1 million t for the first time

After an annual pellets consumption of 930,000 t, proPellets Austria expects it to be around 1.05 million t in 2020. Production is also expected to increase from around 1.4 million t to a new record of over 1.5 million t. The sales of pellet heating systems are developing just as positively as... [więcej...]

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  • września 21, 2020 13:45

Germany: Stable pellet prices in September

The price for wood pellets in Germany remains stable in September, as reported by the German Energy Wood and Pellet Association (DEPV)....... [więcej...]

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  • września 15, 2020 12:43

Swiss pellet price stable in September

In September, pellet prices in Switzerland are at the previous month's level. On average, they reach a value of CHF 350.8 / t (+ 0.1%). ...... [więcej...]

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  • września 11, 2020 13:37

The global forest industry in Q2/2020

Sawlog prices fell in most of the major regions of the world in the 2Q/20. A strengthening US dollar, weaker log demand early in the quarter, and sufficient log supply in some markets contributed to the lower prices...... [więcej...]

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  • Drewno energetyczne
  • sierpnia 26, 2020 14:39

BES Bollmann delivers a new oven to Platowood in Arnhem

After the devastating fire of December last year, Platowood urgently needed a new oven for their production process. However, the new room had to become more modern as the predecessor. The engineers from Platowood and BES Bollmann sat together and developed this new oven... [więcej...]

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  • sierpnia 20, 2020 11:32

The 3rd World BioEconomy Forum goes online

This year the world of bioeconomy meets online. The 3rd World BioEconomy Forum will efficiently bring together top-class speakers - including representatives from international politics, research as well as industry big players - and an interested audience via livestream from ... [więcej...]

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