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  • września 22, 2022 11:50

Vietnam: Wood and wood product trade highlights

According to Vietnam’s General Department of Customs W&WP exports in August 2022 are estimated at US$1.35 billion, up 65% compared to August 2021.... [więcej...]

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  • września 20, 2022 08:10

Vietnamese timber exporters struggle to find new markets

Contrary to full orders at the beginning of the year, Vietnamese wood and wooden furniture enterprises are currently facing many difficulties due to the cancellation of orders by customers because of inflation in countries such as the US and the EU and the sharp increase in input material costs.... [więcej...]

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  • września 16, 2022 13:12

Indonesia: Positive wood product export trend despite downturn in China

Indonesia's wood product exports continue to grow even though the Chinese market is currently weakening due to the country's economic slowdown.... [więcej...]

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  • września 14, 2022 11:29

Dieffenbacher to supply particleboard plant to Greenlam South Limited in India

Greenlam South Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of Greenlam Industries Limited headquartered in New Delhi, India, has ordered a high-end particleboard plant from Dieffenbacher... [więcej...]

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  • września 09, 2022 10:45

Greenlam South Limited bestellt High-End-Spanplattenanlage bei DIEFFENBACHER

Greenlam South Limited, eine hundertprozentige Tochtergesellschaft der Greenlam Industries Limited mit Sitz in Neu-Delhi, Indien, hat DIEFFENBACHER mit der Lieferung einer High-End-Spanplattenanlage für den neuen Produktionsstandort in Andhra Pradesh beauftragt. Die geplante Produktionskapazität beträgt bis zu 265.000 m³ Spanplatten pro Jahr.... [więcej...]

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  • września 08, 2022 10:06

EGGER boosts recycled content through investment

Wood-based panel material manufacturer, EGGER UK Limited, has invested over GBP 15 million into recycling operations at its site in Hexham.... [więcej...]

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  • września 08, 2022 09:06

Finnish wood imports fall 58% in Jan.-July 2022

In the first half year the exports value of Finland's forest industry products totalled in real terms EUR 7.19 billion and decreased from previous year by 7% (deflated using wholesale price index). ... [więcej...]

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  • września 06, 2022 12:16

Michael Egger is withdrawing from the supervisory board

Michael Egger is withdrawing from the supervisory board of the company...... [więcej...]

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  • września 06, 2022 11:44

Masisa reports good results for H1/2022

Masisa, a Chile-based producer and marketer of wood products, reported excellent results for the first half of 2022 (6M-2022). ... [więcej...]

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  • września 01, 2022 12:20

Indonesia: Further decline in wood product exports to China anticipated

Data from the ministry of forestry processed by the Indonesian Forest Concessionaires Association (APHI) shows log production during the first half of 2022 was stable.... [więcej...]

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