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  • maja 21, 2019 08:03

Germany: Price of pellets down 4.1% in May

According to the German Energy Wood and Pellet Association e. V. (DEPV), the price of wood pellets in Germany dropped by 4.1% in May compared to the previous month...... [więcej...]

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  • maja 20, 2019 15:23

Södra adjusts the price for spruce roundwood

The high supply of spruce roundwood in Sweden and Central Europe as well as the suggestive slowdown in the global economy are causing market prices to fall... [więcej...]

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  • maja 20, 2019 11:10

U.S.: Softwood and panel markets - Week 20, 2019

The US lumber market took a step back after showing signs in prior weeks that it might break out of its longstanding malaise... [więcej...]

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  • maja 13, 2019 09:05

U.S.: Softwood and panel markets - Week 19, 2019

A muted trading pace prevailed across much of the framing lumber market. Green Douglas Fir remained the primary exception, as the impact of two recent sawmill closures and seasonal weather in California ...... [więcej...]

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  • maja 09, 2019 15:28

Pulpwood prices in North America were 5-10% higher in the 1Q/19

Prices for pulplogs and wood chips moved up slightly in the US in the 1Q/19 while they were unchanged or slightly lower in Canada, as compared to the 4Q/18..... [więcej...]

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  • maja 09, 2019 13:15

Estonian roundwood prices stable in March

In March 2019, roundwood prices stabilized in Estonia and remained mostly at around February's level. Only birch veneer, birch and aspen logs are considerably more expensive as compared to February... [więcej...]

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  • maja 06, 2019 11:21

U.S.: Softwood and panel markets - Week 18, 2019

Trading in framing lumber took a step back from the prior week’s more active pace. Price trends covered the gamut. Green Douglas Fir led the upside, posting double-digit increases on some dimension items...... [więcej...]

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  • kwietnia 22, 2019 11:45

U.S.: Softwood and panel markets - Week 16, 2019

Prices of framing lumber continued to retreat amid a slow-developing increase in seasonal demand. Traders widely reported that ample supplies were available at all levels of the distribution system, going back to the mills...... [więcej...]

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  • kwietnia 17, 2019 09:37

Germany: Price of wood pellets falls in April

The price of wood pellets in Germany has fallen sharply in April 2019. One tonne of quality ENplus A1 pellets cost on average € 252.65 / t if 6 t are ordered... [więcej...]

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  • kwietnia 15, 2019 15:22

Prices for wood pellets in Switzerland drop in April

Consumer prices for wood pellets in Switzerland fell sharply in April. This means that the price decline at the end of the heating season will come one month earlier than in 2018... [więcej...]

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