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  • września 21, 2022 12:28

North American lumber prices drop

It is normal for this time of year for North America construction framing dimension softwood lumber prices to be falling, as the bulk of main home building activity is finished for the season. ... [więcej...]

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  • września 19, 2022 10:02

Sweden: Sveaskog to announce price increase

Sveaskog raises timber prices in Norrbotten and Västerbotten, Sweden. The demand for pulpwood is strong and the price of forest raw materials is increased to strengthen the profitability of forestry.... [więcej...]

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  • września 15, 2022 12:40

Chinese pulp demand drove rise in global trade of hardwood chips

In 2021, the world’s shipments of wood chips reached almost 35 million odmt, close to the highest on record. Significant expansion of pulp capacity in China combined with a lack of domestic wood fibre has driven the global increase in traded wood chips over the past decade.... [więcej...]

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  • września 14, 2022 10:25

N. American lumber prices stabilize

Historically for the softwood lumber and panel market, the week following Labour Day is the harbinger for what prices will be until the true seasonal slowdown arrives at US Thanksgiving. ... [więcej...]

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  • września 12, 2022 14:53

Pellet prices rise sharply in Austria

End consumer prices for ENplus A1 quality wood pellets in Austria rose sharply in August. The average price for loose goods (delivery quantity 6t) is 53.78 cents/kg. ... [więcej...]

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  • września 07, 2022 10:23

EU27 imports of tropical sawnwood up 27%

After two slow years during the global pandemic, EU27 imports of tropical sawnwood have recovered ground this year. Imports of 382,000 tonnes in the first six months were 27%... [więcej...]

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  • września 02, 2022 12:21

Continued increase in roundwood prices in Sweden

Sweden's roundwood prices both sawlog and pulpwood assortments increased during the second quarter of 2022 in comparison to the first quarter of 2022. The sawlog price increased by 3 percent and pulpwood by almost 9 percent.... [więcej...]

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  • września 02, 2022 09:27

Résultats vente ONF Centre-Ouest le 10.06.2022

Consultez les résultats vente ONF Centre-Ouest le 10.06.2022...... [więcej...]

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  • sierpnia 31, 2022 12:02

Most North American lumber prices flatten

It is usual for this time of year for most lumber prices to be soft or softening, as most large-volumes buyers (IE: large US home builders) have received the wood they need for ongoing and expected projects.... [więcej...]

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  • sierpnia 17, 2022 10:26

N. American lumber prices dip as seasonal slowdown arrives

Most softwood lumber and panel prices dropped significantly on a holiday-shortened week in Canada, as customers were well stocked with wood and producers faced shrinking order files.... [więcej...]

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