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BAU ONLINE recorded 38,325 participants from 138 countries

247 exhibitors from 29 countries participated in BAU ONLINE, offering 1,495 live presentations and 4,316 one-on-one talks. 23 exhibitors additionally supported the event as sponsors. During the three days, a total of 38.325 participants from 138 countries joined in; the platform was accessed a total of 218.756 times...... [więcej...]

Finnish forest industry exports fall considerably in Jan.-Oct. 2020

In October 2020 the exports value of Finland's forest industry products totaled EUR 0.87 billion. In January-October the exports value of forest industry products totaled in real terms EUR 8.60 billion...... [więcej...]

EU27 tropical sawnwood imports fall 17%

EU27 tropical sawnwood imports fall 17% In quantity terms, EU27 imports of tropical sawnwood declined 17% to 650,800 cu.m in the first ten months of 2020........ [więcej...]

Austrian timber companies fined in Romania for unfair competition

Romania's Competition Council fined 31 timber producers on the local market for anti-competitive arrangements in the auctions organized during 2011-2016 by the state forest management company Romsilva...... [więcej...]

US wooden furniture imports surpass US$2 billion in November 2020

Monthly US imports of wooden furniture surpassed US$2 billion for the first time in November. Imports rose 4%, growing for the sixth straight month...... [więcej...]

Germany: Stable pellet prices at the beginning of the year

At the beginning of the year, the price for wood pellets in Germany was at the usual stable level. The return to the regular VAT rate of 7% has resulted in a slight price increase...... [więcej...]

EU tropical wood product imports down across the board

Unsurprisingly, EU27 imports of all the main tropical wood products fell in the first ten months of 2020, but in each case the decline was less dramatic than expected earlier in the year ...... [więcej...]

China: New national standard on laminated and laminated solid composite flooring

The new national standard on "laminated wooden flooring" (GB/T 18102—2020) and " laminated solid composite flooring" (GB/T 24507—2020) have been announced and will be effective as 1 July 2021....... [więcej...]

Canada housing starts fall in December

The annual pace of housing starts in December fell compared with November...... [więcej...]

Brazil: Tighter control of timber exports

Since the beginning of 2020 the Brazilian Institute of Environment and Renewable Natural Resources (IBAMA) has strengthened its oversight of Brazilian timber exports..... [więcej...]

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The French beech market analyzed by Claude Schnepf

The French beech market analyzed by Claude Schnepf

Claude Schnepf heads Scierie et Caisserie de Steinbourg, one of the leaders in the beech market in France with 75,000 m3 processed annually, a capacity which will soon increase to 100,000 m3 thanks to a major investment program. The company exports 70% of its turnover outside the EU (€ 21m in 2019), mainly to China, a market that Claude Schnepf has known for 25 years...... [ więcej...]

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DACH: log and lumber prices follow demand upwards - at an individual pace

The strong local and global demand for sawn timber in the DACH region is largely responsible for the – partly long-awaited – increase in prices for roundwood. While increases in the high single-digit to low double-digit range are currently being reported for spruce from Schleswig-Holstein via Bavaria to Tyrol and... [ więcej...]

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China-Europe container crisis escalates putting pressure on wood prices

China-Europe container crisis escalates putting pressure on wood prices

The China-Europe container crisis has escalated over the past week, with container prices reaching new highs, while the container availability in China remains at record lows. China's exports recovered progressively from the COVID-19 pandemic, and after a pause caused by lockdown measures in Europe... ... [ więcej...]

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