Mixed price movements for Finnish logs in September

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In September, softwood log prices in Finland registered some interesting movements. Spruce logs price continued the recovery started in May and reached an average of €58.43 per cbm, close to the level of September 2013. Birch logs recorded a surprising +5% price increase over the previous month, getting back to level of May and slightly above September last year. Birch logs cost now €46.75/cbm. The price of pine logs has declined by -2.35% from August, but is still higher as compared to September 2013 by +1,30%. (Check price index below).

With the September price decline, pulpwood assortments are now cheaper both as compared to the previous month as well as compared to the same month of last year. Pine pulpwood price is still stable over August, but almost -5% lower over September 2013, and is priced now at €28,38/cbm. On contrast, spruce and birch pulpwood have registered a more briefly price decline over August (in the range of -3%), however, they are still close to the prices of September 2013.

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