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  • Corona Virus
  • lipca 23, 2020 11:37

EU tropical imports already down 9% before COVID-19

Trade data is also less reassuring about future market prospects when cumulative EU imports in the first four months of 2020 are compared to the same period in 2019...... [więcej...]

  • Corona Virus
  • lipca 23, 2020 09:28

Decline in demand for paper hits Stora Enso's Q2 profit

The profit of Stora Enso declined to 178 million euros in the second quarter of 2020, from 299 million euros in the same period of 2019...... [więcej...]

  • Corona Virus
  • lipca 20, 2020 14:41

US tropical sawnwood imports sharply down

After a promising April, US imports of sawn tropical hardwood fell by 39% in May, back to the level seen in March...... [więcej...]

Corona Virus
  • Corona Virus
  • lipca 20, 2020 11:35

US softwood lumber prices continue to rise

While demand for construction framing dimension softwood lumber continued to surpass supply last week, it was noticeable that buyer orders to sawmills were slowing down...... [więcej...]

Raporty specjalne
  • Raporty specjalne
  • lipca 17, 2020 06:12

French hardwood market under pressure: auctions lack buyers, prices are falling

We must face the facts, there are few reasons to rejoice today on the hardwood market. This is the case with crushing where, at the first public sales after Covid-19...... [więcej...]

  • Corona Virus
  • lipca 16, 2020 08:32

Vietnamese forestry exports reach 5.3 billion USD in six months

Export revenue of forestry products hit over 5.3 billion USD in the first six months of 2020, up 2.7 percent over the same period last year...... [więcej...]

Corona Virus
  • Corona Virus
  • lipca 15, 2020 15:04

US softwood lumber prices rise during usual seasonal slow-down

At this time of year it is usual for softwood lumber prices to be lowering, as end-users would be stocked-up on inventory needs for ongoing building projects, and sawmills would be slowing down as normal seasonal closures and curtailments come into effect...... [więcej...]

  • Corona Virus
  • lipca 15, 2020 10:05

Xylexpo 2020 is cancelled

Xylexpo, a biennial global exhibition for woodworking technology and furniture supplies, has been re-postponed to 2022. The event was scheduled to run in May 2020...... [więcej...]

  • Corona Virus
  • lipca 15, 2020 07:07

New Zealand experiencing a sharp fall in log prices

New Zealand is currently reporting a sharp fall in log prices...... [więcej...]

  • Corona Virus
  • lipca 15, 2020 06:06

China: Housing demand recovering but not retail sales

China's housing market crashed in the first quarter of 2020 due to the impact of the corona virus lockdown but began a recovery in April which continued steadily into May...... [więcej...]

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